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All measurements to be in inches only.

Measure the acrylic tub at the widest points which usually are the outer edges that touch the wood.

With your measuring tape flat, you may have to extend it slightly past the top edge of the acrylic.

If you are filling out the order form and need to refer back to different pages of this site, use the browser back and forward to navigate or you may lose what you have already filled out.

How to measure your hot tub for a replacement hot tub cover.

Please use the following drawings to correctly measure your cover.

Hot Tub Measurement - Rectangle

Hot Tub Measurement - Octagon

Hot Tub Measurement - Octagon-Rectangle

Hot Tub Measurement - 5 Sided

Hot Tub Measurement - Round

Hot Tub Measurement - Square

Hot Tub Measurement - Square Carpenter

CLICK HERE  to print template for radius corners

If your cover shape is not shown above, do a similar freehand drawing and fax it to 1(604)460-9415.

Little Tip – If your old cover fit properly, use it for measurements. (Incorrect measurements supplied to us are your responsibility.)

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    Hot Tub Cover Information

    Cover Shape (1 to 6)

    Measurement in inches:

    Measurements of cover after folded in half:

    Corners are square:

    Available Colours:

    Type of Cover:

    $519.00 4x2 Thick Tapered Hot Tub Cover includes Deluxe Foam UPGRADE (50% stronger)$570.00 5x3 Thick Tapered Hot Tub Cover includes Deluxe Foam UPGRADE (50% stronger)$590.00 5x4 Thick Tapered Hot Tub Cover includes Foam UPGRADE$627.00 6x4 Thick Tapered Hot Tub Cover includes Foam UPGRADE


    $25.00 Double Sealed Vapour Barrier on Foam$25.00 2 Handles on Underside$10.00 2 Extra Handles and Tie Downs (4 total)$10.00 or FREE with the purchase of the first three options, Reflective material underside$59.00 Bubble Cover$119.00 Polyfoam Floating cover

    Cover Lifters:

    $119.00 The Roller Cover Lifter$199.00 Cover Basket$199.00 Cover Buddy Remover

    Spa Cover Caps:

    $79.00 - 7' x 7'$89.00 - 8' x 8'

    Spa Vacuum:

    $99.00 Spa Vacuum

    Hot Tub Privacy Screens:

    $249.00 Hot Tub Privacy Screens

    Number of Privacy Screens Ordered:

    $20.00 Hot Tub Corner Kits

    Number of Corner Kits Ordered:

    Payment Information

    Credit Card:

    Alternate Payment Method:

    I will call Lillypad at 1-888-227-0004 to arrange payment by credit cardLillypad will call me at my telephone number noted above to arrange payment by credit card


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