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Business Est. 1994

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Replacement Hot Tub Covers


all hot tub covers are custom made to fit your hot tub


CALL 604-341-1012 OR TOLL FREE 1-888-227-0004

including the rest of Canada *some exceptions

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Prices and product will vary according to manufacturing and shipping costs to each area.
We ship to most places, most products, to USA and Canada.

Why Lillypad?

I am asked this question from time to time. There are many good companies manufacturing hot tub covers and we are one of them.

* We were the first in our area to go Factory Direct
* All orders placed on the internet are confirmed to be correct by telephone prior to processing
* We take full responsibility for transport to guarantee your hot tub cover arrives as new
* Your hot tub cover measurements are kept on file for replacement (many years from now!). Our custom made spa covers use cold and sun resistant materials. Metal C channels notched into the foam board add support for snow load. The foam board is enclosed in plastic. Tie down straps are included.

(Affiliate factories may vary slightly.)

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Economy Hot Tub Cover
3″x2″ Thick tapered
Price includes Hi-density foam
Economy cover is not recommended for covers larger than 78″ x 78″ in either direction.



Deluxe Hot Tub Cover
4″x2″ thick tapered
Price includes Hi-density foam
Ultra Hot Tub Cover
4″x3″ thick tapered
Price includes Hi-density foam
Thick Hot Tub Cover
5″x3″ thick tapered
Price includes hi‑density upgrade
Ultimate Antarctica Hot Tub Cover
5″x4″ thick tapered
Price includes hi‑density upgrade

* Higher Density inner foam board on the above are:

  • up to 50% stronger
  • up to 33% more resistant to water absorption
  • up to 8% higher insulation value (per inch of thickness)

As your cover gets thicker it gets STRONGER and you save more on your HEATING BILL (up to $100.00 per year).

A “YOU SHOULD HAVE” : Double Sealed Vapour Barrier on Foam – doubling the protection from moisture of the foam panels keeping them lighter longer Only $25.00
A “YOU’LL WISH YOU HAD” : 2 handles on the underside of cover to assist in removal and replacement. Makes using your cover lifter a snap. Easier to handle even if you don’t have a lifter. Only $25.00
Colour Samples:  See colour samples on “Ordering Page”
Bubble Floating Covers $69.00
  • Recommended for all Hot Tub Covers. Floating covers slow down the process of your main cover getting heavy.
Poly Foam Floating Blanket $129.00
Click Here for more information on the floating blanket
cover-coverSPA COVER CAP
The Spa Cover Cap helps protect your cover from tree fall out and dirt. When the spa is running all winter then the Cover Cap with a 12″ skirt and elastic sewn into the hem fits easily over the rigid spa cover to protect it from the winter elements.
7’x7′ – $79.00
8’x8′ – $89.00
cleaningwandHOT TUB AND SPA VACUUM – $99.00
Great easy-to-use vacuum. NO batteries or water hookups. Totally self-contained. Just pull up on the handle & watch the dirt, bugs, leaves, pebbles & other “stuff” get sucked up into the easy to clean filter.
Comes complete with Slide-on Brush, Leaf Net, Wide End Nozzle, Dual End Nozzle & Wall Mounting Bracket.CLICK PICTURE TO ENLARGE

No Taxes in U.S.A.
BC 12%
Rest of Canada GST or HST where applicable

Shipping usually in 10 to 14 days, not including weekends and holidays.



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