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Replacement Hot Tub Spa Covers


rainbow-barFREE SHIPPING to Ladysmith!

They say you’re never over the hill in Ladysmith BC. Why? This city has a LOT of hills! And the higher you live up the mountain, the better the view from your Ladysmith hot tub!

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Ladysmith hot tub view
A beautiful view from a hot tub in Ladysmith BC

A Ladysmith BC hot tub cover can last for many years with proper maintenance, but remember: Your hot tub cover is the target of the environment. Over time hot tub covers become waterlogged and break down, becoming less efficient and much harder to lift.

Ladysmith hot tub cover
This hot tub cover in Ladysmith BC is exposed to the elements year round and needs to be inspected regularly to ensure proper insulation. Lillypad Cover Company makes replacement hot tub covers for spas like this one with quick, free delivery.

With prices starting at $299 and free delivery of hot tub covers to Ladysmith BC, we’ll send a top quality replacement hot tub cover right to your door. We’ll even take away your soggy, waterlogged old spa cover and dispose of it for a small disposal fee. Simple!

Why wrestle with a heavy old spa cover, or drive to Victoria or some other major city in a futile hunt for a replacement hot tub cover when you can simply click and order one now!

Just click ‘HOME‘ on the right side of this page and we’ll walk you through the process of ordering. We’ve even provided a short video showing how to measure up your hot tub cover so you get it right the first time.

Pamela Anderson
Ladysmith BC is home to Pamela Anderson one of the most famous hot tubbers in the world.

Your hot tub cover will be delivered to your residence or business in Ladysmith in 10 days or less. If you have any questions just give us a call at 604-341-1012 or toll free at 1-888-227-0004

At Lillypad Cover Company we are dedicated to providing reasonably priced, durable and high quality hot tub spa covers for homes and residences in Ladysmith BC. Don’t keep wrestling with a waterlogged hot tub cover. You can inexpensively and painlessly replace it with a spa cover from Lillypad Cover Company. Contact us today!

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