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Replacement Hot Tub Spa Covers


rainbow-barFREE SHIPPING to Nanaimo!

Nanaimo is world famous for its Nanaimo bars confectionary, its scenery and its annual Bathtub Race which draws competitors from around the globe once a year. Too bad they don’t have a hot tub race as well, because Lillypad hot tub covers would be the top contender! We’ve been providing top quality replacement hot tub spa covers to Nanaimo for over 15 years.

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Bathtub race Nanaimo
Yup – its a guy racing a high performance bathtub in Nanaimo!

Our replacement hot tub cover prices start at only $299 and we offer free delivery of hot tub covers in the Nanaimo area. Simply click the HOME button on the top right of the page to get started, and follow our simple ordering instructions. It’s quick, affordable and easy!

Nanaimo hot tub vacation home
Many vacation resorts in Nanaimo prominently feature a pool and hot tub. No wonder so many homeowners and vacation resorts in Nanaimo get their replacement hot tub covers from Lillypad!

After receiving your order, we will give you a phone call at the number you provided just to make sure all the information about your new hot tub cover is accurate. Your cover will then be delivered to your location in Nanaimo BC in 10 to 14 day. – free of charge!

Have more questions about hot tub covers? Just give us a call at 604-341-1012. If you are in Nanaimo or anywhere outside of the Lower Mainland, please call our toll free line at 1-888-227-0004.

Why keep fighting with a waterlogged, heavy old hot tub cover when you can replace it with a new spa cover from Lillypad Cover Company?

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