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Replacement Hot Tub Spa Covers

rainbow-barFREE SHIPPING to Vancouver!

At Lillypad Cover Company, we’re not sure if Vancouver BC is the hot tub and spa capital of Canada, but it sure could be! There are hot tubs in countless backyards, perched on patios and decks, indoors, outdoors and everywhere in between. Vancouverites love their hot tubs!

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Vancouver garden hot tub
This little Vancouver garden apartment has a hot tub built in and Lillypad Cover Company has the perfect spa cover for it.

At Lillypad, we deliver hot tub spa covers to the entire Vancouver BC area for FREE, and with low prices starting at only $299 we’re committed to serving the Lower Mainland with the very best spa covers and service.

We’ll even take away your tired old hot tub cover for a small disposal fee. What could be easier? Simply click on the HOME button on the right, and follow the simple instructions. You’ll have your hot tub cover delivered to your door anywhere in Vancouver in 7 to 10 days.


Vancouver houseboat hot tub
You can even rent a houseboat in Vancouver with a hot tub.

Vancouver winters might be rainy and cool, but you won’t even notice when you’re sitting in your hot tub after a long day.

Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, energy efficiency is an issue that people in Vancouver care about. A new replacement hot tub cover will often increase the energy efficiency of your hot tub since older hot tub covers often absorb water and lose their insulative properties over time.


Vancouver aerial view
Lillypad Cover Company offers replacement hot tub covers in Vancouver and shipping is free.

There’s no need to waste your time running all over Vancouver looking for a replacement hot tub cover and paying top dollar. Simply click on our simple online hot tub cover order form, and the job is done! If you need hlep just give us a call at 604-341-1012. If you are outside of the Lower Mainland, give us a call on our toll free line at 1-888-227-0004.

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