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The perfect companion to the outdoor spa or hot tub

Hot Tub enclosure
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The spa dome is the perfect companion to the outdoor spa or hot tub. Your spa or hot tub is enclosed and completely protected from the weather. Spa domes come in 9’, 12’, and the 15’ sizes and are octagonal in shape. No tools required after the initial installation.

The heavy 12 gauge vinyl cover is supported by a series of aluminum tubes. The crystal clear cover is electronically heat sealed to provide a tailored fit for every size. Each cover has one door opening with two heavy duty nylon zippers which are also heat sealed to the vinyl. Every cover has one or more fibreglass screened windows for great ventilation. The windows are opened and closed with side zippers. To hold the door and windows in the open and closed position the flaps are simply rolled upward and held in place with two nylon reinforced vinyl tabs.

The bottom edge or hem of the cover is of double thickness (24 gauge) for extra strength and has a series of grommets. Neoprene shock cords are easily attached to the grommets and then hooked on the base of the dome. When the shock cords are all in place over the hooks, the vinyl cover is held securely over the framework.

The customer must build a lumber base around the spa that the dome attaches to. We suggest that you use any treated lumber that you desire. We do not provide this lumber base! Instructions on how to build the lumber base are provided with every dome, and can be downloaded in PDF format by CLICKING HERE .


Spa Hot Tub Enclosures Sizes

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